Tenant Advisory

Evaluation: Local (office) options and rental contracts. Landlords / property owners write and sign numerous lease agreements per year and have whole teams of experts and talented rental negotiators at their disposal in the process leading up to the finished lease agreement. Dagny Projekt assists smart business leaders who understands the value of hiring an advisor that is on the lookout for their specific interests when their internal knowledge is lacking – thus ensuring them signing of a beneficial lease agreement and receiving optimal office solutions. Dagny understands the final product is crucial. How the new office eventually will look like is described with full detail in the lease appendixes:

Dagny delivers..
  • Floor Plan – describes the size of the premises and the investment that the property owner is obliged to deliver.
  • Room Description – surface cladding and materials, specific makes/qualities alternatively fixed cost levels.
  • Technical specification – describes your office’s installations for adjusting temperature, sound and light.
  • Responsibility Demarcation
  • List – detailed descriptions of what is included in the fit out managed by the landlord as part of the lease agreement. Also stipulating maintenance responsibility during the term of the lease.
  • Delivery Timetable – describes at what specific points in time you as tenant should specify concerning a wide spectra of details; e.g. wall colors, surface layers, specific location of electricity & network outlets, doors, locks entry system etc.

We have the required experience and knowledge that enables you to successfully negotiate and sign a lease agreement that is beneficial for your company and that leaves few surprises and also enables the creation of an accurate project budget. Dagny cooperates with experienced tenant advisors and lease-agents for identification of office premises, subleases or lease-transfers.



Dagny has an extensive experience of delivering office projects; an experience that Dagny’s customers benefits from and thus avoids expensive, complicated projects that could risk affecting their business negatively and giving rise to unnecessary costs. Dagny manages the customer’s project and guides the customer through the whole process – ensuring that everything is delivered at the right time and right cost. Assigning Dagny as your project advisor and manager when planning to move will spare you plenty of time, money and headache. We can assure you that, by assigning us, and making the proper decisions and purchases, you will save more money than you will spend in engaging Dagny Projekt. Who doesn’t want a free project manager to support in a remote and unknown market?

Project Management

Through our experience and structured working methods, we deliver assertive achievements when fulfilling your management’s goals and visions regarding an office project – regardless whether it would be adjustments to your existing premises or whether it would be a relocation to new one. Commitment, a clear organization with decision-making participants, a structured process, time, a correct budget – are key elements to a successful project. Dagny’s project managers coordinate all other project participants and stakeholders whether they are internal or external. We deliver together.

Dagny delivers...
  • Targets and visions
  • Organizational Plan – displaying the specific participants in the project management group/reference group, project manager, internal and external resources, in addition to a detailed outline of responsibility areas within sub-projects, IT, Audio Visual Technic, network infrastructure, interior design, information/communication etc.
  • Proposal and procurement of Interior Architect, Change Manager, Project Manager, M&E Consultant, AV Consultant – all based upon your project-specific needs. Typically our clients’ needs and requirements are met more than well enough through the assignment of a good interior designer and architect.
  • Responsibility for budget and timetables.
  • Coordination of meetings – agendas and meeting distribution notes.
  • Acting as your representative in tenant meetings called for by the landlord and being a natural part of the tenant fit out process.
  • Driving and management of both main project meetings and sub-project meetings, IT, AV technology, security, interior design.
  • Distribution of agendas and project meeting minutes – including specified areas of responsibilities and dead-lines
  • Management and structuring of project related documentation and project admin tool as appropriate.
  • Continuous reporting to project executive on project status.
  • Acting as your agent in tenant meetings called for by the landlord’s project manager
  • Procurement, monitoring of deliveries in addition to coordination of the installation process

Finance / Schedule

Together with the client, Dagny creates a Programme and project budget – which then subsequently controls and regulates the entire project. The tenant’s timetable is entirely governed by the property owner’s timetable and the tenancy agreement’s decision/response programme – which consequently affects all activities/time frames in the project

Dagny delivers..
  • Rough timetable and budget (basis for decision)
  • Detailed budget and timetable – both regularly updated during the project
  • Economic forecasts / cash flow planning throughout the project
  • Project accounting and handling of any changes and supplementary orders etc.

Detailed Technical Specification

In an early stage of the project Dagny’s project manager presents a document with a technical design requirement that acts as a guiding document for the landlord’s designers (e.g. architects, electrics- and ventilation engineers). The document in effect explains the client’s needs and thus simplifying the client’s own installations such as; security, alarms, locks, Audio Visual, furniture and fittings, networks, server rooms etcetera – this smoothens the installation process and effectively reduces the overall cost for the client’s own installations.

Dagny delivers...
  • Technical specification of requirements including appendices, e.g. such as drawings, product specification etc.
  • Delivery and follow-up in accordance with the delivery schedule appendix
  • Response to landlord in time
  • Implementation of the customer’s changed requirements during the project
  • Continuous guidance and advisory throughout the project – value creation



Dagny delivers a professional purchasing organization that is tailored specifically for the specific project. We ensure that the right skills are available that specialize in procurement related to projects. Dagny delivers independent and professional procurement that ensures credibility and that our customers do good business.

Dagny delivers...
  • Assistance in drafting the Scope of Work Description in prior to initiation of procurement of architect, work place or hange management, M&E consultant etcetera. If needed and relevant to the project
  • Dagny specialist typically manage the technical design In-house and manage the procurement documentation in relation to RFP’s
  • RFP request to identified potential suppliers
  • Tender bid evaluation and manage Q&A
  • Manage bid evaluation, creation of bid summary followed by recommendations to client.
  • Manage order documentation for local business to sign. Or manage PO when applicable.
  • Monitoring of suppliers’ delivery; follow up and inspection in connection to actual delivery, communication and handling of complaints.

Security / Locking System / Entry

Dagny’s project manager develops a security solution that is in line with the security requirements for approval by security team stakeholders.

Dagny delivers...

Monitor landlord’s obligation to build the perimeter walls to the right security classification including door partition etc.

Manage simple drawings to LL planning team, support security install with the appropriate containment.

Project the project-specific requirements concerning door environments – and that those are prepared for the selected installation.

Request for proposal (RFP), bid evaluation, bid summary, advisory in supplier selection, price pressing of all tenders, agreement- and order documentation.

Coordination of installation process, inspection during set off into operation, connection of alarm installation with selected security company, followed by instructons to end users.

Network & Server Room

Together with our client we will specify the requirements that meet corporate guidelines. If such does not exist, Dagny will manage to define an appropriate level fit to purpose.

Dagny delivers...
  • Detailed specification or requirement list for the landlord related to power requirements, cooling, fire protection etc.
  • Requirement list as part of the Request for Proposal for server room contractors
  • Power and Network Outlet Drawing showing the outlet locations for network sockets and WiFi etc.
  • Request for Proposal, tender bid invitation and order documents
  • Inspection followed by handover to client

AV Technology (Audio Visual Equipment)

Together with the client, Dagny specifies the requirements regarding Audio Visual technology and creates the associated design- and procurement documentation.

Dagny Levererar...
  • Specifications on client’s needs concerning AV-technics, control systems and integration with the property’s systems etc.
  • Formalized design- and purchase documentation in the form of blueprints and detailed specification concerning quantities and required functions/designs/qualities
  • Notification to contractors in an early stage concerning hidden cable canalization – thus enabling a successful implementation of canalisation in the premises
  • On-site coordination of installment process, inspection and set off into operation

Interior Design / Furnishing

Dagny prefer set-ups where our client assigns an interior architect to manage the interior design project. Dagny can recommend numerous of architectural firms and assist our client in the proses of scope and tender process until appointing an Architect. With the scope of work description, Dagny’s project manager works with the contractors/architect and develops frameworks and guidelines for the interior design project. In the cases when our client decides to manage the interior design project on it’s own – we recommend a handful of different interior suppliers who can add crucial support to the process.

Dagny delivers...
  • Scope of works, time schedule and budget
  • Coordination with other sub-projects and landlords team – thus ensuring implementation of the client’s alterations and change orders.
  • Procurement of furnishings based on the architect’s documentation, evaluation of tenders, recommendations and order documentation.
  • Monitoring of the delivery process, inspection of deliveries, handling of complaints and potential supplementary orders

Move & Settlement

Dagny will manage and fully coordinate the physical move planning prior as well as during the actual move process – thus ensuring that the move to the new premises affects your business as little as possible.

Dagny delivers...
  • Timely delivery of move instruction to all involved parties
  • Information/directives in connection to cleaning-/throwing activities
  • Moving instruction – describing how, when and what to pack
  • Procurement of move company, bid evaluation of tenders and recommendation of optimal candidate
  • Managing the dilapidation audit with landlord and agree level of work or cost.
  • Tender/ procure dilapidation company to support with empty the space.

In short – what we do …


  • Project management sized to your organization’s needs / requirements and own resources
  • Drives and manages project meetings and sub-project meetings as well as keeping the client´s management updated
  • Project budget, project program, project organization
  • Identifies your technical requirements and corporate guidelines.
  • Technical specification documentation and drawings,  supporting the procurement- and RFP-process for security, network and Audio Visual technology
  • Manages, advices, leads, procures, throughout all sub-projects.
  • Participates, drives and communicates decisions to the landlord’s organization in a timely manner and also manages and changes orders during the project.
  • Continuously follows up on your established budget and reports throughout the project process
  • Ensures client’s cost savings efforts through structured procurement and tender-procedures
  • Delivers projects within budget and on time
  • Manages office relocations with minimal interruptions to your core business